North Wales & Cheshire Wedding Photographer: Mastering Exposure Manually

Hi there and it's time to discuss manual exposure.  You constantly let me know via email or messenger that you find it hard to master manual exposure so it's about time you were helped so here's a basic run down of how it's achieved.  

You must first and foremost read your cameras manual and if you don't understand it read it again and again.  It's so important to understand how your camera works.  You drive a car after you've taken lessons and the same is true about photography!

For the photograph of the swans in the photograph below, manual exposure was used with spot metering.  The spot meter (the circle in your viewfinder) was positioned over the nearest swan.  Looking at the meter +2 stops of exposure compensation was given to render the swan as white with detail.

Think about what's just been said.

Cheers and happy snapping.